Monday, May 30, 2011

Being Lovely

A while back, I talked about what I think it means to Be Lovely. I talk about how loveliness has to do with surrounding ourselves with beauty, filling our minds with good things but being able to take the bad when it comes, and loving who we are inside and out. In my blog title, it says, "Setting the stage for a life full of all things lovely", but what am I really writing about that is setting a stage for anything? So, here is the rundown of the topics my blog will be covering and how they contribute to holistic loveliness.

Family and Motherhood-The most important job I have and the loveliest, at that. Being a wife and a mother is very fulfilling but can be trying at times. I'll talk about the joys, the challenges, and share tidbits or products that I find. This will also include yummy recipes.

Mental Health and Psychology-This is my passion. Don't worry, folks: I won't lecture or share any rambling journal articles-just interesting findings or tips to live a happy and healthy life.

Interior Design-My hobby. As I said earlier, part of living lovely is surrounding yourself with beauty-however you interpret that. I'll share my journey to make my home and the home of loves into a beautiful place.

Books, Music, Movies-What goes in, will come out. I have always felt at my best when I've been reading, writing, listening to good music, and treating myself to comfy socks and a movie.

Spirituality-This is the core piece to who I am. I am on my own journey so I'm not going to preach or act like I have all the answers.

I feel like I've been on this train before, so I apologize if this seems repetitive-it's probably because it is. I just want to clearly map out the purpose of this blog for the readers and for myself.

Thank you for continuing to read during all my weird transitions!
Be Lovely!!

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