Monday, May 23, 2011

Pardon the Interruption! Bailey's Mood Board

I've been working on this 3D living room business all day. I keep finding glitches or things that aren't quite flowing with the rest of the room. So that'll be up tomorrow. In the meantime, please enjoy this mood board!

My lovely sister, Bailey will be going to college this coming fall (sniff, sniff!). So, I've had the task of creating a mood board for her dorm room based on the bedding that she's already purchased (Xhiliration from Target). Bailey and I tend to have very different tastes on things like this so this was my attempt to smush the two together. So, without further adieu...

Like I said earlier, I based this room off of the black, white, and pink bedding. Then, I added in that pretty turquiose-y blue as an accent. The black curtains are neutral except they have that pretty ruffle. I stuck with using those scroll-y lines and curves (so technical of me, eh). One of my favorite things about this room is the turquoise chandelier. This one is pretty pricey but this is an easy DIY (just find an old chandelier and spray paint it). Because you can't necessarily change the lighting in your dorm room, I thought this would be a cute "prop" to just hang over the bed. Some places even sell cardboard chandeliers that you can paint-a lighter and less wall damaging alternative. That blue rug is from PB Teen so the price tag is a bit hefty but I bet that idea would be easy to find at Target or the like. And how cute is that Boston Terrier rug? I die. Oh yes, and that little green alarm clocking peaking on the side of the page is a must. Don't want to be tardy! I added a typical dorm chair because the ones provided are typically less than comfy. I topped it off with a ruffly pink pillow, of course. College desks almost never look like this one that I found, but you get the point. A cute trashcan to remind you to throw away your Snickers wrapper and a handy desk organizer are essentials. Oh, and it's hard to tell but that lamp is actually an Arkansas lamp-from Target. I think that pretty much covers it. Oh, yeah. The Jonas Brothers-they're going with you, right?

I hope this is kind of what you were thinking of!
Happy dorm-ing...?

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