Sunday, May 22, 2011

Living Room Tour

Our living room is one of my favorite places to be. Even though the decor isn't exactly my aesthetic, it's so cozy and warm.

Below is the view from the kitchen. The door across the way is our front door. The bookshelves were made by my hubby and I really love them. I've toyed with the idea of painting them or even staining them a darker wood. Our red couch is one of my favorite things. It's so comfy and it really is pretty. I have a hard time decorating around it and I'm currently playing with color combos that will accomodate that much red without being too graphic. I'm trying to stay away from red and white; red, white, and blue; or anything with too much contrast.

Below is the view from the hallway. See that lovely paper lantern? It's another of my favorite pieces. I can't remember the name of it, but it's from Ikea. I'll look it up :) Our living room has a ceiling fan but no light, so we use that as our main overhead light. I only wish we had a better place for it because our vertically gifted friends almost always bonk their heads on it when they stand up from that chair.

Our fireplace is not actually a working fireplace so I've used it up to this point as pillow storage. I would love to find something beautiful to put in there. I've thought about birch logs, candles (but probably never light them because of our little one), or hiding it with an extension rod and curtains.

This is about the view from the couch, maybe behind the couch, actually. But you can see in this picture how massive and ugly our "entertainment center" is. I'm planning on hanging tons of framed art and pictures on that wall around the TV so that maybe the black square-ness of it will blend in a little. I just really wish there was space on the mantel for pretty decorative items.

Here is a close-up of our shelf...obviously. I love all of our decorative knick-knacks I just wish I had a prettier and more simplistic way to display them.

And, now: the little green table. I found this table at a garage sale 2 summers ago. I really do love it but I'm afraid it doesn't have a home here. Not in the living room, anyway. I've thought about using it for Abbey's bedside table when we re-do her big girl room. It's just too small for the massive furniture that we have, and it's a bit wobbly so setting drinks on it is always a bit nerve-wracking.

I've got big plans for this room! I feel like a few textile and organizational changes would make a big difference.

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