Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Yes, I am changing the focus of my blog once again! I have added tabs at the top...see? Only 1 person voted in the poll for me to have posts about interior design but it is a passion and hobby of mine so I wanted to incorporate it somehow. I will do so in the form of updates on our home and how we are making it more "ours". I also added a tab for a wishlist so I could feature products that I like.
And I added a tab for my wedding! Because everyone loves a good wedding sneak peek...and I think mine was particularly wonderful ;)
There are also buttons now to share my blog on facebook or twitter so if you see a post you like, feel free to share! Actually, I would love if you did!

Well, it's dead week and next week is finals so I'm not going to have time to do much else for at least a week or two. What do you think of the new additions? Do you think they're worth while-anything else you would add? Thanks for reading and check back soon!

Be Lovely!

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