Saturday, May 14, 2011

Study Fudy Dudy

Well, I took my Friday off but now it's Saturday...4:30 pm on Saturday, but Saturday nonetheless. So now I must begin studying for finals and completing unfinished assignments. I had a great conversation with my mom the other day and she suggested I sit down with my syllabi and make a list of things I need to get done and then find ways to squeeze out extra points in all I do. So that's what I did.

Leadership Chapter 7 Response Questions

Leadership Chapter 8 Response Questions

Study for Leadership Final-Expect to get an A

Art Therapy Write-ups for: foam, masks, and final


APA Seminar Chapter 6

APA Seminar Practice Test

Compose Final APA Seminar Book

Study for APA Seminar Final-Expect to get an A

1 Abnormal Psych presentation

Compose Ab Psych folder

Study for Ab Psych Final-Expect to get an A

Study booty off for History of Christianity Final-Expect to get a B

There isn't much room to truly squeeze points out of anything except to rock the finals. And I can definitely do that. As my Momma says, "You can do anything for 3 days."

...except maybe stand on your head...

So now I'm off to study. I'll leave you with a few images I came across yesterday on Pinterest. PS: If you aren't on that site yet, you must. It's beautiful and addicting. I'm dreaming of my own office area where I can escape and work for hours...

Be lovely, friends!

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