Friday, May 13, 2011

May Day!

This Friday the 13th has a different name: May Day...or All Schools Day. It's fascinating, really. The whole county shuts down. No one goes to school and most people have off work. The town puts on a parade, brings in fair food and a carnival, and has festivities all day and some continue into the weekend.
We braved the cold this morning to go watch the parade. After a week of 90-100 degree temperatures, today has been a real drag. It's in the 50s out and the sky has been threatening rain. Subsequently, all I'm interested in doing today is drinking coffee and blogging.
I really should be studying for finals. But I have all weekend and Monday so I think I'm going to take a mental health day. I need it.
I've been itching to get some pictures of our home on here so I can begin the process of posting "home improvement" updates. But alas, that would require that I get up and clean's just not that kind of day.
So the point of this post is to update you on my lack of updates, I suppose.
You're welcome.


  1. Did Abbey like the parade? We should have a blogging party this Sunday when the boys are at band practice.

  2. Yes, she did! Despite the cold :)
    Let's def have a blogging party!