Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some recent photography

I have been having lots of fun lately stretching my photography muscle without the pressure of charging and being able to take on projects at my discretion. I enjoy photography so much more as a hobby than as a job. Lately, I have been doing photo shoots for friends that wouldn't be able to get personalized and good photos otherwise. I wanted to share a few photos from those sessions!

This is a young couple that are engaged to be married in September. This was such a fun shoot!

This lovely family was so fun and easy to shoot! We were out for less than an hour and I walked away with so many great photos for them! I threw a baby-shower for Heather before baby J was born so it was really fun to be involved in their family photos!

Lots of love in this little family.

Josh, Peyton, and the Carlsons, Thank you so much for letting me capture these wonderful moments! I had so much fun with both of these sessions and it reminded me how much I love photography. You guys are great!
Be Lovely!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Can I please be typical for a moment?

Is it okay with everyone if I find a great idea, get super pumped about it for about a week, lose interest, and then rush to finish the project so I can start a new idea that I'm super pumped about?
Yes, no?
Well...I'm tempted.
This 30 days of Me thing has tripped me up. I know it is a is Physio homework. So...seriously, is it okay if I quickly sum up "Me" and then move on?