Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week 3 of C25K and Go Mommy, Go!

After a short hiatus from the running world, I am back on track! While on a weekend trip in Oklahoma, I backtracked and ran 2 days of week 2. The Tuesday that I was back home, my running partner and I started Week 3. Tomorrow (Friday) will be the 3rd day of Week 3. We are running intervals of 3 minutes now and I have to say, it isn't as bad as I was building up. Because we are running more the run goes by so quickly. I'm loving it! The downside is that I tracked our mileage and we are only running about 1.8 miles. That makes the 3 mile goal seem like forever away!
I haven't been keeping up with my training and toning workouts-which I really need to be doing. I'm planning on doing one from the Nike Training Club app (which I highly recommend) while my daughter naps today.
I've been looking up some upcoming 5k runs that I can participate in. So far I am definitely going to do the Tulsa Run in October. I think that gives me plenty of time! There is also one in the Spring that looks really fun. Since that one is sooner I hope that it would motivate me to really get working.
I've set up a page on Facebook called Go Mommy, Go. It is in place in the hopes that my other Mommy-friends will use it as a place to communicate with other Mommies who are on the same journey as they are. Whether a beginner or a pro at juggling fitness and motherhood, we could all use some support and advice. If you follow my blog and you are a Mom who has gone through, is going through, or has been thinking of starting back a fitness routine, please join that page! I think it will be a blast when it gets going!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pardon Me

I have had a noticeable absence in the blog world lately. Mostly because I've had nothing new or exciting to share. Truth is, I haven't be keeping up with my program AT ALL the last couple of weeks. I think I was hibernating.
But Spring is giving us a sneak peek this week so I'm back in the swing of things! Starting today I am logging my food intake again and I'm going running tonight.
My hubby and I are pretty well decided on our vacation plans and I'll be in a wedding this summer so I have a couple of goal dates to stay focused on.
Stick with me!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Blizzard of Oz 2011

Our C25K progress has been put on pause momentarily. It's much too cold and snow packed to run outside and our 7 day trial at the Fitness Center is up. I suppose I could pay the $3 each time we go but they have already called me twice about signing up for a membership-something I'm just not going to do at this point. Furthermore, my running partner has hurt her knee so she is giving it time to heal. We made a deal today that we would run for sure on Friday. That will put us at Day 3 of Week 2.
I tried to run off the program last Sunday. It was cold outside but not snowing yet. I ran really well for the first part of my run but then I had to start doing intervals again. I was still proud of myself. I did much more than I could have a month ago, for sure. When I got home, however, I felt so out of it! My face felt swollen and I was so exhausted. I'm sure it was a funny sight.
School started up again on Tuesday. Already I'm worried about my ability to keep up my workouts when the workload begins to pile up. I'm determined to make it work even though my priority will always be school work over working out.
My food intake has been pretty good lately. My husband brought me some Oreos home today. Time for a treat! I deserve it...right?
All that this weather is making me want to do lately is sleep and eat. And I've done a bit of both. I don't feel guilty about it. I'm not about to deny myself the occasional Oreo--I feel like my personality would create some dangerous back and forth with food and that would not be healthy. It's important to be realistic with ourselves when making fitness goals so that our lifestyle change can be more permanent. I can live without my iced white chocolate mochas everyday (whoa, never thought I could say that and mean it!), but I have a sweet tooth almost constantly so I have to find something to fill that craving or I will go crazy and eat a pint of Phish Food when I get a chance. My favorite thing is trail mix with chocolate chips or the desert yogurts. It's enough to curve my craving but I don't feel like I just binged when I'm done. And I can have one everyday and still stay on track.

What indulgences do you allow yourself when you have a fitness goal? What can you live without?