Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week 3 of C25K and Go Mommy, Go!

After a short hiatus from the running world, I am back on track! While on a weekend trip in Oklahoma, I backtracked and ran 2 days of week 2. The Tuesday that I was back home, my running partner and I started Week 3. Tomorrow (Friday) will be the 3rd day of Week 3. We are running intervals of 3 minutes now and I have to say, it isn't as bad as I was building up. Because we are running more the run goes by so quickly. I'm loving it! The downside is that I tracked our mileage and we are only running about 1.8 miles. That makes the 3 mile goal seem like forever away!
I haven't been keeping up with my training and toning workouts-which I really need to be doing. I'm planning on doing one from the Nike Training Club app (which I highly recommend) while my daughter naps today.
I've been looking up some upcoming 5k runs that I can participate in. So far I am definitely going to do the Tulsa Run in October. I think that gives me plenty of time! There is also one in the Spring that looks really fun. Since that one is sooner I hope that it would motivate me to really get working.
I've set up a page on Facebook called Go Mommy, Go. It is in place in the hopes that my other Mommy-friends will use it as a place to communicate with other Mommies who are on the same journey as they are. Whether a beginner or a pro at juggling fitness and motherhood, we could all use some support and advice. If you follow my blog and you are a Mom who has gone through, is going through, or has been thinking of starting back a fitness routine, please join that page! I think it will be a blast when it gets going!

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