Thursday, August 13, 2009

Abbey at Band Practice

These are just cute pictures-I had to share.

My musician-of-a-husband and my lovely budding musician.
I love them both to the moon.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Abbey's Going Green!

Cloth Diapers Day #1

Abbey and I went to Baby Bradley Diaper Co. yesterday afternoon to buy Abbey some new cloth diapers! We decided to make the cost effective switch because Abbey has had some hellacious diaper rash. We went with the very basic cloth diaper and plastic 
cover combo. We bought  12 diapers and 2 covers. We also got a laundry bag so they could be separate from the rest of our laundry. It ended up be
ing about 40 dollars. We want to try it out before we invest in the super-fancy-one-size-fits-all diapers that come with a pouch you just put your absorbent pad in. They seem so much easier!
So Abbey started wearing her diapies last night and did fine. She wa
s a little damp around the edges this morning but no big deal! We threw the cloth and cover in the laundry and moved along. Well, she took about a 3 hour nap earlier. I went to wake her up so she could eat and...whoa. Her pee had soaked through the cloth, through the cover, and her sheets were sloshy. Nothing I cant handle. The problem is, we only bought 2 diaper covers. And they're both of out use at this point. So...Abbey has spent the better part of the afternoon naked. On a towel. Thank God for wood floors. 

And she hasn't even pooped yet.
Oh my.