Sunday, January 23, 2011

And the winner is...

The Nike Free Run+ ! I have done a lot of reading about my foot type and pronation and these seem like the best fit for me. I have yet to try them on which may be a bit foolish but none of the stores within a 50 mile radius of me have these available in-store (dumb!). I ordered from Zappos because they have amazing customer service and I know they make returns and exchanges super easy. But I'm not concerned. I've worn Nikes for cheer shoes and I have Nike Shox that I'm currently running in (not a good idea, by the way) so I know what size I need. And I read tons of reviews and had a good review from one of my best friends so I'm confident! I can't wait til they get here! I'll keep you all posted!


  1. yaya!!!! you have to let me know how they are.
    p.s. love the color :)

  2. btw its morgan ;)