Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 3: 30 Days of Me

Today's challenge is to post pictures of my friends and Me. How sad. I barely have any. I'm especially sad that I have no pictures with my good friend, Sarah B. And I could only find 1 picture that has both my friend Sarah R and me in it. sheesh.
Well, at least I have a goal!

This lovely lady is my first best friend, Hope. I don't get to talk to her much but I am really loving seeing that she is seemingly living the life that she always wanted. I love you, Hopey!

These girls made my life in high school. I miss them so much! Nanas forever =)

Rae has been close to my heart for such a long time. I miss her a whole bunch!

My beautiful baby sister (my little rainbow). I am so proud of her and wish everyday that we lived closer.

Lisa and I were college roomies our freshmen year. That was admittedly difficult, but we are all peachy now and I appreciate her more everyday!

Apparently this is the only picture I have of Sarah and me (far right). That makes me really sad. Sarah is my bestie. The other 2 lovely ladies to the left are some new friends of mine: Staci and Peyton.

More girlies at Staci's wedding!

My number 1 best friend: my beautiful hubby, Rusty. He's my favorite.

Other people worth mentioning that I do not have pictures of:
Sarah B-we haven't known each other for long but I believe we have built a strong friendship that has silly husbands and beautiful baby girls in common. She has kept me sane in so many instances.
Kayla-we didn't become good friends she was about to graduate so our friendship is mostly long distance. We can talk for hours over an iced mocha! I have a special place in my heart for her and I pray that she is a happy girl!
Adam-Adam is one of the only guys that is obviously Rusty's friend that I would also consider my friend. He is a good conversationalist and really fun to shop with. ha! If I talk much longer I may embarrass him =) He's just a great dude and uncle to my girl!
Cully-He and I were friends through middle school and high school. He was a lot like a big brother to me. I'm so glad he is taking care of my girl, Morgan. But I never doubted =)
Gabe-We were friends since about 8th grade. I could always be silly with him and he kept cheer practice light. I'm so proud of him for getting his 1 man full extension with his lovely girl, Shelley.

Can your Mom be your friend? :)

The old adage we all learn in Girl Scouts: Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. It's so true. Without my friends that know me at the core, that knew me when I was growing up and becoming Me, I think I might die. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but at least I know I would cease to thrive. And my new friends that are with me through my current struggles and ambitions, that are seeing the extent of Me unfold (whether good or bad) and sticking with me through it all and sometimes even treating me to coffee, ice cream, or good ole moral support are priceless.
I love you all.

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  1. I think I'm totally going to do this too.

    I'm like you, I'm surprised at how few pictures I have with my best friend. I have a hard time taking pictures when I'm with people because I'm usually having so much fun, I don't want to stop for a photo op but that's starting to change. When Rachel died, I was shocked to find I only had ONE picture of the two of us. It hurts my heart to think of all the memories I could have captured on film but didn't because I always figured I could do it next time and now there IS no next time.

    Definitely take more pictures - you'll be glad you did! :D