Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 7: 30 Days of Me

Today is my day to write about what has impacted me most. That's easy.
This little girl is, hands down, responsible for having the biggest impact on me. Not only did she save me from myself, in a sense, but she continues to encourage me and keep me motivated without even knowing it. She is all beauty, inside and out, and that is so inspiring. God has blessed me with a beautiful gift. How can I doubt that He holds me in His arms and guides my life the way it is supposed to be. I can not imagine my life without my Abbey Kate. Her arrival changed the way I live my life, redirected experiences I should have, and all in a good way. Don't get me wrong, being a young Mommy definitely operates on a learning curve and requires difficult decisions and realities at times, but it is all worth it ten times over and has made me a better Me. I cannot discount my husband's role in all of this. He has blessed me beyond understanding and I am such a lucky wife! And, hey, Abbey is so much like her Daddy. The two go hand in hand.

Thank you, Pretty Abbey, for your smile every morning and your hugs every night. I love you to the moon! Can't wait til we get to Disney World, girl!

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