Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Setting some limits

We talked about technology in class today. About how it can kind of rule people's lives and that without it, at times, we can get very anxious. There is even debate about adding an addiction to the DSM-IV TR to explain this. I don't believe an addiction category is completely appropriate, but I do recognize that an addiction is classified not by the frequency of the behavior, but by how the behavior effects the person's life. With that said, I can definitely see technology having a negative effect on people's lives. I'm not saying technology should be avoided all together, but maybe we should be setting some limits on ourselves. I really do not want my daughter to grow up with a mental picture of me attached to my iPhone checking Facebook every 10 minutes. Yuck. So here's the deal: I'm designating "Outage Hours". I will not be on my phone before 8 am or after 10pm except in the case of traveling or emergencies. Furthermore, I will not check email, Facebook, Twitter, or surf around online from 12:30-3:00. And from 3:00-5:00 I will be focusing on productive online activities (sending emails, doing homework etc). These are times allotted for my family, myself and my schoolwork.
It goes without saying that if you call me, I will answer. If you text me, I will answer. I just feel I have a lot of time wasted at this point.
Please encourage me and hold me accountable.

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