Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's that time...

Time to start thinking of Christmas Decor! YAY! I know, I know-Thanksgiving is still a month away, but I'm a planner! And, in order to get these kind of things done I need to plan and start on them early!
We haven't had stockings yet because we have never had a place to hang them. But, our new home has a fireplace mantle! Wahoo! So, I will be making 3 pretty little stockings this year! Growing up, we had stockings that my Momma handmade and I love them. They were the simple red stocking with the white fold at the top and she put each of our names on the white part in different colors of glitter. They were simple but they mean "Christmas morning" to me. I want Abbey to have that same sentimental feeling when she sees her handmade stocking =)
So, here are some ideas and inspirations I've been tossing around.

I really like the simplicity of these. Not really diggin' the cat one, btw.

I love, love, love these. Especially the red, polka-dot ones. In any case, that garland will be mine.

I think these are gorgeous. And I think I could replicate at least the idea of them.
These are the front-runners as of now, probably to no one's surprise. I love all the colors and the whimsy. And, it would be fun to decide what each member of our little family had as their "theme". So fun!

Better have my hubby get on here and vote =)


  1. KELLORY. wreath making, of course. LETS MAKE STOCKINGS TOGETHER. i love the simple ones. LOVE.

    love pey!

  2. i love the polka dot ones and of course the last ones :) ........mayybe excluding the fuzzy pom poms lol
    love morgan :)