Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Getting a bit ahead of myself...

My beautiful friend, Morgan came to visit me this weekend. It was such a lovely visit. She brought me a baking book (my first one!) for my birthday. It's called I ♥ Sugar but I can't find it to provide a link for it. It's wonderful, though. Over 100 recipes to satisfy the sweet tooth we all get. It has big, pretty pictures on each page and easy-to-follow instructions. My favorite part about it is that each recipe has such simple ingredients and it's an old-school "pour on the sugar" kind of book. I love it.
So, Morgan and I made one recipe out of it, the Chocolate Crumble Pie. It was delicious, especially after being refrigerated over-night. So, I'm thinking about trying to work my through the whole book, Julie and Julia style. I am debating whether to wait until I have finished my 30 Days of Me or to do it concurrently. I think the latter may win out because I really can't wait for the white truffle cake and that's not until page 180. I would only do 1 or 2 recipes a weekend, so it would be manageable.
What do you think?

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