Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i've realized something...

...when blogging, you can totally write the way you think.
Thanks to Emily Henderson of The Brass Petal (also HGTV's latest Design Star and new hostess of Secrets from a Stylist), my take on blog writing has changed. I'm in the full swing of fall semester now, so my brain has switched to "student-scholarly" writing mode, but that wouldn't be much fun to read, now would it?
Lisa and I have both been so busy with school that I don't think either of us have even thought about the blog in a few weeks.
I wonder if changing the focus of Be Lovely during the school year would be beneficial?


  1. I've found it useful to give each day (MTWRF) a "theme" so I don't have to come up with a creative idea from scratch every day. I mean, spontaneity is great too but giving myself a little direction really has helped make blogging every day seem less intimidating (even though I have been slacking lately). It makes it seem a little more like homework, which sounds like the opposite of fun, but makes it easier to get accomplished.

  2. That was originally the plan, but I think now that we both do have homework, blogging feels like "extra work". Which is so not what the point was supposed to be. I've been thinking of changing (or zeroing in on) the focus of the blog because right now it's fairly sporadic. Thanks so much for your feedback! I so enjoy your blog :)