Thursday, September 16, 2010

a lovely wardrobe: ruche

Every once in a while I stumble across a little slice of shopping Heaven. Like when I finally discovered Etsy, or the eye candy of Design Sponge. Recently my online window shopping has consisted of staring (and staring, and staring) at the new items and lookbook of Ruche. This is one of those stores that I probably shouldn't tell people about so that I can be the only one that knows where the treasure is.
And when people ask me where I got my outfit I say something like, "Um...I don't remember. It was a while back."
But that's a bit snarky.
Ruche is an online shop with vintage-inspired clothing but it's totally affordable! I don't think there is one thing on the website that I wouldn't love to have in my wardrobe. It really is one of those shops that I would be willing to ditch all my clothing if I could have it replenished with Ruche items.
I have lately been on a seemingly materialistic hunt for "my style". Well, Ruche, you did it. This shop is totally "me".

Case in point. This outfit just needs to poof! on my person. Right now. I love every bit of it. The dress, the sweater, the necklace, the ring, the tights, the shoes, the bag. I even like that chic's hair.

I like this hairstyle, too. But what I really love about this outfit are the slouchy shorts mixed with high-socks and those cute booties. I think I sported this look in like 4th grade. And my tiny ankles are just begging to be trendy.

But here is the real kicker. Oh my goodness, I love this outfit. I never would think that green leg warmers would be stylish, but they clearly work in this case. The brooch is sold separately but it belongs on that coat. I never knew "the rules" about wearing a long sleeve sweater under a shorter sleeved coat. Well, I don't really care what "the rules" are, because it looks so cute and comfy to me.
I love, love, love layers. The reason autumn is my favorite season is because of the clothes. And now, because of the clothes from Ruche.

PS: my birthday is this month.

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