Tuesday, September 28, 2010

22 years...

Today is my first full day of being 22 years old
I really don't feel older, but I do feel a sort of change happening. Not that I woke up this morning and had a grand revelation, I have just learned a lot of lessons in the past few months that seem to be totaling up and making the way for a healthy and full 22nd year.
Anyone that knows me well at all knows that I can easily get "stars in my eyes"-as my Momma put it. This usually involves a grand idea (generally creative) and is usually a way for me to make money, or a name for myself. I think the need for these ideas is really from the fact that as a 20 something, I am still not completely comfortable in who I am and don't have a strong handle on where my place in the world is. I have tried everything from cupcakes, to sewing, to photography. While each of these things is a hobby and a happy thing in my life, none of them are indicative of what God has planned for me.
As a wife, a mother, and a student, I MUST focus more on those roles and begin to improve what God has set out for me.
I apologize to anyone who has been caught up in wave of my ambition. What I am learning is that my real passion in life is Rusty, Abbey, and the prospect of being a Psychologist. If you do know me well, please encourage me in my pursuit to do my best at those things.
What does this mean for Be Lovely? I'm not completely sure. I know that I will no longer be advertising any kind of products or services that I may offer. I feel that hobby and work need to remain separate in my life. I am undecided on what I will carry-on writing about. I really do love design and fashion, and because that is a hobby I suppose it needs an outlet. I would also like a place to just journal-with no deadlines or weekly plans involved. So, I'm still thinking and praying.
Hang with me.
Thanks to all of you who have encouraged me in all my pursuits and who have been with me when people have been flat-out-mean.
Be Lovely!

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