Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a lovely home: workspace colors

After a bit of a hiatus, I am back to the blogging world! Many of the external obligations that were weighing me down have been taken care of and now I finally feel free to work on my workspace and sewing projects again! It's a great feeling. So, I have been preparing to paint-the best part! I have been given 3 wooden panels from a friend's closing shop, and I plan to paint them and put them on the wall frame as a kind of faux wall. Each panel is about 3 feet long, and tall enough to go from floor to ceiling. I would like to have the option to paint both sides of each panel (totaling 6 different surfaces to paint) that way I can pick which colors I want to show at any given moment. But, I don't think I want to use each color, I feel it could get too busy. Here is the lay out I have in mind.

So then, when I turned all 3 to the other side, it would look like this...

And I could do any combination of the 3, like this, for example:

I like that I can have variety, or at least the option for variety. The paint colors are all from Sherwin Williams. The light pink is Pink Moment (SW 6857), the hotter pink is Eros Pink (SW 6860), the green is Humorous Green (SW 6918), and the blue is Waterfall (SW 6750). The black that I have pictured is what I have planned for chalkboard paint. I think it would be really great and productive in an office space and I have wanted an excuse to use chalkboard paint for a very long time. Also, while browsing, I found that magnetic paint is now available. I doubt I'll get any for this project, but isn't that a great idea?!

Coming up: I am planning on re-purposing an old dresser that we found in our basement. It is in need of some new paint, and some new knob-pulls. Don't worry, the ideas are brewing!

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