Thursday, August 19, 2010

a lovely wardrobe: modcloth

Lately I have been spending way too much time online looking at clothes I can't have. It is a bit ridiculous, but I can't help it! One of my favorite online shops is ModCloth. It is fairly affordable, super trendy, and they get new items everyday. Anyway, here is a little outfit I put together from my wishlist!

sweet disposition dress $47.99, devoted fallow-ing boot $44.99, mocha in the morning cardigan $29.99, young victoria necklace $24.99

Okay, now that I have that out of my system, no more online window shopping! It's GRE studying for me!

Be lovely, all!


  1. Hi Kellory,
    Thanks for featuring our outfit on your blog! We appreciate the support!

    Aire @ModCloth

  2. I just want to say it would be dangerous if we did live close by b/c 1. We have the same style in clothes and 2. We might distract each other from GRE studying!

    Love you cousin xoxo