Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a lovely home: dresser renovation

Phew! 2 posts today, I am on a roll (or maybe I am just incredibly bored)! As I mentioned in the last blog, I am planning on repurposing an old dresser that was left in our basement by a previous owner. I'm not sure who it belongs to, so I am hoping that the "Finders Keepers" law applies to this situation. I am planning on painting the outside and inside because the inside of the dresser has a moth-ball-like smell. Also, I love the hardware knobs available from Anthropologie, so I will definitely be using a pair or 2 of those! My hubby and I have narrowed down the many color pallets I had picked out to just 4. We like each one and I have found lovely knobs for each pallet. Here they are:
So, here is where you come in: using the numbers in the corner of each palette, vote for your favorite! The primary color (the one in the top of each palette) would be the outside of the dresser, the second color in the palette would be the inside, and the bottom color would be the color of the knob. The voting poll is to the left of the post. Enjoy and be lovely!


  1. Is this going in your bedroom? or staying in the basement? First glance i liked #3, but then decided on #4, no wait. maybe #3. idk!:) i like yellow, so maybe #3 with yellow knobs! Ha! is that yellow called "decisive yellow"??!!! Um, #4!