Thursday, July 29, 2010

a lovely home: workspace design board

So...I have been a bit preoccupied with this whole "fantasy office space" thing. All of my choices are affordable, though! So I don't feel like I'm completely delirious. 
The color pallet is the one from my previous blog. The rug is from Urban Outfitters. I want something bold and especially floral-something I wouldn't be allowed to have in the living room =) The chairs are from Target. We have the green and white ones from the collection as our dining room chairs and we love them. I saw the pink filing cabinet at Wal-Mart a while back and I instantly wanted it-just now I have a reason to use it! The desk lamp is from Target, but I'm not really sold on it. I just don't want anything that uses a lot of visual space. I have a paper lantern already, but I think the way the one in the board has flowers added is really great. And I am IN LOVE with the pug illustration by Donna McKenzie
Lisa and I are going to likely share the studio space so we were thinking we should get a pretty sweet inflatable couch. I had an inflatable arm chair when I was in like 4th grade and I loved it. What a great piece of nostalgia that would bring me to my studio! 
I'm going to start cleaning out the space tomorrow and I'll post the "before" photos!
Stay tuned, and be lovely!

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  1. So I have been wanting to read your blog but have only had my phone and it takes forever to upload anything. But this morning I am getting internet at the apartment so I am able to finally read it! I love your design. You should so try and get on my first design on HGTV lol.


    ps I tried convincing Chris that we needed the pink filing cabnet....he said heck no haha