Thursday, July 22, 2010

a lovely home: master bedroom

We recently moved (again) and are finally feeling a bit settled.  A few things are still out of place, but the living room, kitchen, and the baby's room feel like home.  Our master bedroom, however, just feels so empty (except when there are dirty clothes on the floor).  My parents recently bought us a white down duvet set, which we love! It feels like you're sleeping with a billion marshmallows.  And a couple weekends ago we bought some grey sheets from Target, a gray throw pillow, and 2 matching side-table lamps.  I really love the medium grey and white together. It looks so calm and clean.  
Here is a picture I took with my phone the night we put our new goods together:

There is nothing on the walls, and we don't have curtains yet.  We need to remedy that.  So, I
have come up with some items from the wonderful, Etsy (no shock there)!

Because I want our bedroom to be soothing and sleepy-making, I thought these paintings from tastes orangey would be perfect.  They're fairly small, but I think they would be great flanking the window, maybe.  

I like how the greys in the paintings would coordinate with the grey of our sheets.  Don't they make you want to curl up in bed?
We have 6 regular sized pillows on our bed now, plus the throw pillow in the middle.  It makes the bed look really fluffy and I like that.  But, how great is this moth pillow from utilitarian franchise?  

I know, moths are kind of creepy, but they are also associated with night time so they seem kind of sleepy to me. And hey, it's my bedroom! =)
Now, curtains.  My hubby and I have a hard time agreeing on curtains.  Grey curtains would be fine, but it is pretty difficult to match greys.  We found some at Target, but they had almost a silky sheen to them and that seem a little too "honeymoon suite" to me.  They would've worked, but they weren't perfect.  White sheers would be fine with me, but I don't think the hubby is down with that.  Or we could integrate the navy into the room.  You know what they say about 3s with color.  That would work! What do you guys think?  Fill out the opinion poll to the left and let me know!

As always, be lovely!


  1. some splash of yellow would be good with the grey and white. mustardy maybe?
    just thought of it for some reason. when i saw a pic of your bed.

  2. i like that idea! i'm a big fan of mustard-yellow. especially with navy =)

  3. how bout a very light pink? ;)