Friday, July 16, 2010

New Kid on the Block

Hey guys!

Lisa here! So, you must forgive me, I haven't blogged since Xanga (talk about old school). I kinda feel like I'm learning to ride bike again... but no matter. I'll be joining Kellory on Be Lovely.
Just a little bit about me, I was raised on the Southern New Jersey coast. I love anything concerning the sea, so my posts may sometimes have a slight nautical spin to them. I go to college in Kansas and (like Kellory) I have a huge place in my heart for music, which is also what I study out at school. I love capturing creation on my little SD card :) I make a bit of jewelry here and there... and I TRY the occasional sewing project (please note the emphasis on "try." haha)
I'm pretty pumped to be writing with Kellory about all our artsy-fartsy adventures, so I guess you'll be hearing from me soon! :)

Peace out, girl scouts!

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