Thursday, July 29, 2010

a lovely home: workspace

Confession: I am quite a messy gal. When I have a project, whether it be sewing my bag collection or simply doing school work, I tend to explode wherever I am. Books, paper, pencils, thread, needles, scrap fabric-among other things-are taking up my kitchen and living room at the moment.  In a vicious kind of way, that makes me less productive.  I feel really uneasy and not at all creative when my environment is a mess. Fortunately, the duplex we live in has a basement that is all our own. It is unfinished and kind of musty, so we haven't set up any living or working spaces down there, but it is becoming increasingly necessary. So, I will be working on a studio space-Yay! 
I know there are a few things to take care of before any decorating comes into play (cleaning out my space, finding materials to hang on the walls to disguise the unfinished wall) but, let's face it-color is the most fun part. There is a really amazing blog called Color Collective.
She features all kinds of yummy color pallets like the one above.
I especially like these two because I have a big lamp about the color of the green in each pallet. I would love to get lots of scrap lumber and paint them these colors to really brighten up the space. The only delimma I have at this point is which color pallette I like best. What do you think? 
I'm leaning toward the first one because I am currently in love with that cool grey. One wall in the soon-to-be workspace is white brick which I really like. I want the space to feel bright but calm and inspiring. I can't wait to get this project going!


  1. first one. looks better with all your owl stuff probably.

  2. i'm getting ready to spray paint some of my owls =) and i definitely want them EVERYWHERE in my workspace.

  3. i bet! everytime i see something with an owl i want to take apicture and show you. haha.

  4. I love them both but the first one is my favorite!!