Wednesday, July 21, 2010

lovely tunes: i heard a lion

Today's musical spotlight on lovely tunes is I Heard A Lion.  I may be bias, but I'm not lyin'-they're really great. The band consists of Rusty Blanchard (lead vocals and guitar), Adam Mercado (back up vocals and bass) and Josh Hawkes (drums). I sat down tonight with Rusty (who, in interest of full disclosure, also happens to be my hubby) and got the exclusive.

BL: Who are you influenced/inspired by?

BL: How long has the band been together?

R: Adam and I have been together one year this month and Josh has been in the band about 6 months.

BL: What is your dream venue?

R: I'd like to play some good house shows but I don't know of many
 venues outside the state of Kansas. In the state of Kansas, probably The Jackpot Saloon or The Granada (both in Lawrence, KS).

BL: Tell me about the EP you guys recently recorded.

R: We went to KC and recorded with our friend Alex Chapman. We were in the studio for three days. The studio was called LA Audio-it was in the country outside of Kansas City, in Olathe. We had a really great time and hung out with some really good friends, made some really good friends.  

BL: Anything else you want to add?

R: We really love being a band and we can't wait for people outside of McPherson to hear and be able to have our music and we're excited for what the future holds. Hopefully a full-length in the near future will be recorded with Alex Chapman and Ryan Cork.

I Heard A Lion will be playing this weekend, Sunday at 4pm, at the Pond Party at Vertical Violet in Wichita.  Their 5-song EP will be available at the show.  
For booking information you can contact the guys at or "find us on the street".

Be listening and watching for these guys to come near you.  They're a real treat-if I do say so, myself.

Be Lovely!

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