Friday, March 4, 2011

How did I forget to mention...?

I've lost 5 lbs! I have yet to buy a scale of my own so whenever I go to my parents' house I weigh myself on their scale. There was a dispute on the accuracy of the scale but my thought is that I've only ever weighed myself on that one so my weight loss is still consistent...right?
Also, last night we went to Target to buy some things for our bathroom. They had a really good swimsuit selection so I thumbed through and found some to try on.
Victory #1: I didn't cry in the dressing room!
Victory #2: I found one I liked!
Victory #3: I went home with a new black bikini!
It's definitely motivation to kick the workouts into high gear and to count my Oreos!

What victories (even small ones like not crying in the Target dressing room) are you counting these days?

1 comment:

  1. I celebrate when I make it to Friday and I've blogged every day. Trying to make it consistent and I've been doing... not bad!
    Making my bed daily (one of my new years' resolutions) ...not so good.