Monday, March 14, 2011

90 Days Until Vacation!

We booked our cruise this past weekend! We are both so excited. For me, the preparation has begun. The way I see it, I have 90 days to get my rear in gear! I'm really glad I've already started running and working out a bit because it will make it easier on me but now I'm so determined to get great results. The nice thing about a Canadian destination is that it is quite a bit cooler there, even in June. So I'll be wearing cover ups and wraps, which helps! I was initially bummed at the milder temperatures but I've switched gears and I think it will be a welcomed break from our southern (kind of) summer. I'm thinking: The Hamptons meet J Crew. I need to get some oversized sunglasses, a big floppy sun hat, some wide leg linen pants, and a sheer white cover up. Perfect.
Over the next (13?) weeks, I'll be continuing running the C25k program and rededicating myself to my toning workouts. I'm also going to cut out soda.
Canadian Cruise, here I come!

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