Monday, June 21, 2010

Work in Progress

I am starting this blog as an outlet. I suppose that is why most people start blogs or write in journals. As a wife, a mother, a student, a friend, and all the things those positions encompass, I have little that belongs to just me. My hope for this blog is that it would be a place for me to go that feels personal to my own tastes and would also speak to my readers, whoever they may be. As you can see, the layout is unfinished. That will come with time, I'm busy!

So, what's to come?

I will be posting about some of my favorite things: Design (interior and clothing), food and entertaining, music, movies, books, vacations, and DiY projects. I may even throw in some current events and issues. I am going to try to post daily, but bare with me!

Thanks for reading, tell your friends and start following my blog! =)
And most importantly...
Be lovely!

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