Friday, September 18, 2009

Time is flying. Abbey is 10 months old today and I feel like I've only blinked. I don't take enough time to sit and soak her up or play with her just to watch her laugh. I'm so occupied with school and the house and when I am trying to entertain her it's usually so I can get a reprieve to do something productive. It seems that the most productive and valuable thing I could do is to sit and stare at my everchanging and quickly growing girl. 
I love this. She fell asleep in the car when we were out on a photo shoot for her Daddy's band, I Heard A Lion. I love her little rosie cheeks and dolly mouth. I love how she kept a hold on her keys even when she finally gave in to sleep. And her little feet are so pudgy and little. I have to focus on the babiest things about her these days.  I know time won't slow down--but I think I should.
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