Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Looking forward: Tomorrow on Be Lovely

Wednesdays will be designated for music, movie, and book reviews...starting next Wednesday :) We are still in the middle of our move so my days are mostly consumed with that. I won't leave you hanging, though! Tomorrow I will explain what's up with Be Lovely; what it means and why I named the blog that.
Thank you for the comments, and thank you to my (drum roll please) 3 followers :) Thanks for your support and tell your friends!
I know the blog is pretty vacant as of now. I really look forward to getting my computer back and having an internet connection at my house again.
I'll leave you with this photo of my garden at the new place. I'm going to do a few projects to clean it up and add some color but there are a few gems like these trumpet flowers. I will, of course, be posting about the gardening process.
Lots to look forward to!
Be lovely!
PS I apologize if the photo is HUGE on your screen, or if the photo doesn't show up. I'm posting this from my phone. I'll fix it in the morning!

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