Thursday, April 28, 2011

Update and P90X

When I left you last I was running in the 6th week of C25K...right? My running buddy and I are still running 3 days a week. We are running 25 minutes at a time which gets us a little over 2 miles. I feel like we could run 3 if we wanted to, though.
My husband and I just started P90X this Monday. Holy. Cow. That is quite a workout! I can't remember the last time I was as sore as I've been this week-maybe cheer camp in highschool. We are on the 4th day now-yoga-which I'm totally looking forward to.
Even with all this activity, my energy level is at an all time low. I went grocery shopping last night to get the foods needed for the P90X nutrition plan. I'm hoping that it will provide some fuel. Because all I want to do these days is sleep.
Anybody else that has done P90X felt completely beat-up the first few days?

The next order of business:
I feel there are other areas of my life that I want to express and blog about. I'm enlisting my readers. Here are some options I've been considering:

-Interior design/home: I would journal and photograph projects around the house as we make our apartment our home. I would list favorite products and ideas I find around the web. Also, there would be a place to post questions or send in photos of problem areas of your home and I would create a 3D room or moodboard to help!

-The road to grad school: I would document my life as a student entering grad school, all the ups and downs included.

-General insights: These would be general writings that I feel inspired to post. Poems, thoughts, etc.

-Keep doing fitness posts: Pretty self explanatory-but I promise to update more often ;)

Please vote in the poll to the right.
Thank you all!!
Be lovely :)


  1. I started P90X this morning....I'm laughable at the decline pushups after having two kids. NO ab strengh. good job on the running btw. I have a four mile trek around wall park and lakeside that I run/walk when I can get out of the house. That way I push myself beyond my comfie 2 miles cause when I get that far away I have to get home somehow! I need to get up EARLY so I can run before Chris heads to work, but I am Lazy lately.

  2. Keep me updated on your P90X progress! It has been tough this week so I'm interested to see how it is with other ladies, especially Mommies :) I love that idea of running away from your house 2 miles before turning back-I just run a circle from my house, around Lakeside and back. Maybe I need to start including Wall Park!